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Re: Shooting in Colorado

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:05:45 -0400

> qed wrote:
> > I don't understand why in America it is still POSSIBLE i.e. legal for a
> > parent to give their child a gun.
> > Or even to have one themselves.
> > Surely any sane society would ban these weapons of death?
> > Hope I don't upset anybody by this.
> >
> > JOHN

No One has the crime rate we do for a civilized society. For me it
would be fine to ban guns. Can you imagine going out at night
without fear you might have harm done to you as a woman alone. Or a
country where the police don't carry guns. True you can access
knives> but knives are not the issue. It is much easier to shoot a
gun than to physically stab someone. Instead of throwing a blow you
are pulling a trigger. It's become an extension and very surreal I
think for a lot of kids. In a country where it is a right to carry
arms I can't see it changing anytime soon. If they make the point
that they have the right to defend themselves or to hunt then my
question is> Why do you need an oozy or a machine gun to defend
yourself? You are not upsetting me JOhn> the problem is the NRA is a
political powerhouse! One day I think peace will prevail but I'm not
sure I'll live to see it. I'm already 37 and when I was young I
don't remember Guns being an issue, they were around but not used
for massive killing sprees. Also it's not legal for children to bare
arms, they are not permitted to buy them. However the NRA will not
back gunlocks being put on every gun. The theory being it prevents
them for using a gun for what it is intended for. Killing??? I mean
what is it you do with a gun but kill? Not to mention the explosive
bullets which are put into the guns!

Sandra Barrick