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Re: Create peace from a scary story

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Salvador Wilcox (salvador_wilcox)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 10:30:03 PDT

right on marc; i wasn't making a racial argument; i myself am
hispanic but race wasn't my point; i was simply "rolling my eyes" at
the simple arguments that point to one cause (in this case, the
parents)to such a complex problem; and also to the "it used to be so
much better when. . . .", which people have been saying since who can
remember. Socrates himself argued about the corruption of the youth
of his day, compared to when he was a youth. for sure, we have a lot
of work to do and i think it has to start first at home, but
especially in our preschools and elementary schools.

>To: astroboy, salvador_wilcox
>Subject: Re: Create peace from a scary story
>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 13:15:04 EDT
>In a message dated 4/28/99 2:14:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>astroboy writes:
><< wish more people would understand that
> there is more than black and white and would learn to see people as
> people and not just 2 colors! >>
>esactly, but Sal's point illustrates the tener of racial tensions
during that
>time period. Looking at film footage of the Civil Rights Movement
ten years
>later, one can see even then that Hispanics and Asian Americans
>Asian-Americans, with conflicts in Korea and in Vietnam and the
>bitterness from WWII), as well as bi-racial or multi-racial people,
were all
>but invisible in that debate--at least as far as media representation
>I don't think Sal was attempting to say that that was all that the
50's were
>about, but to capture, in a slightly satirical tone, one aspect of
>popular beliefs of the day.
>I think that he was simply attempting to point out that the 50's were
>wonderful and innocent for every segment of American society. Nor
was it
>some mythical Age of Innocence.

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