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RE: Create peace from a scary story

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Rich Stephen J Contr ACC/CEVP (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:35:05 -0400

I tend to agree with those responding to the
message Ann wrote who say that indeed there was
problems in the 50's, but that they were repressed
and kept from the public eye. A disease that's out
in the open is better than one that everyone pretends
isn't there.
Anyways, has anyone heard the new song out where the
vocalist gives advice on life? I can't think of what
it's called right now, although I think it had the word
'sunscreen' in the title. In the song he talks about
however bad things seem now, when we look back we
tend to only see the good (or invent good as the case
may be). It's a trick our memories play on us as we
get older. Ms. Carolan is naturally viewing her past through rose-colored
glasses. I think we all need to keep this in mind when responding to her

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From: Ann Carolan []
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 10:16 AM
Subject: Re: Create peace from a scary story

Have you ever really considered the effect that music and images have on
the mind and soul of a human being?
Satan knew it well, as he was the most gifted of all the angels. Music
can penetrate to the soul. I have seen it in other children. Mild and
calm, then put those ear phones and violent obscene music over their
ears and they are being programmed to evil. Trust me, I have watched it,
I have lived with it. THen take some one with low self-esteem, angry,
lonely, without a great grasp of reality and hand him ideas to make
bombs, give him access to guns. Then on top of that allow him to watch a
violent film over and over until he is completely brain washed. Then
what do you have: Littleton, which could be Anytown, USA. THere are
things our society can, should, must do to prevent these things from

WAKE UP AMERICA. WE are paralyzed by our own "I don't know what to
do's". We DO know what to do:
1. Take away access to semi automatic weapons and dangerous weapons
to young people.
2. Increase access to counseling, group therapy, support groups,
3. Begin to rationally consider censorship of violence and explicit
sexual content, obscene, vulgar language, in music, films, tv, internet.

4. Teach tolerance and conflict resolution, peer mediation in EVERY
school at every level
5. Develop drug and alcohol programs in every school that work
6. Pray and allow others to pray in school if they choose

I grew up in the 50's so I know things can be much better than they are
no in protecting children's innocence and bringing peace and safety to
our school children.

ann carolan

PS Anyone what to add to the list of " I CANS and I WILLS".

Ann Carolan