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Re: Create peace from a scary story

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Salvador Wilcox (salvador_wilcox)
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 08:53:22 PDT

yes, the wonderful 50's, when we told our innocent white children that
negros were animals; where we thought it was all right to hang someone
for insulting a white child; for sure,those were better times. guess
sex violence handn't been invented yet.


>From: Ann Carolan <>
>Subject: Re: Create peace from a scary story
>Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 10:15:42 -0400
>Have you ever really considered the effect that music and images have
>the mind and soul of a human being?
>Satan knew it well, as he was the most gifted of all the angels.
>can penetrate to the soul. I have seen it in other children. Mild and
>calm, then put those ear phones and violent obscene music over their
>ears and they are being programmed to evil. Trust me, I have watched
>I have lived with it. THen take some one with low self-esteem, angry,
>lonely, without a great grasp of reality and hand him ideas to make
>bombs, give him access to guns. Then on top of that allow him to
watch a
>violent film over and over until he is completely brain washed. Then
>what do you have: Littleton, which could be Anytown, USA. THere are
>things our society can, should, must do to prevent these things from
>WAKE UP AMERICA. WE are paralyzed by our own "I don't know what to
>do's". We DO know what to do:
> 1. Take away access to semi automatic weapons and dangerous
>to young people.
> 2. Increase access to counseling, group therapy, support groups,
> 3. Begin to rationally consider censorship of violence and
>sexual content, obscene, vulgar language, in music, films, tv,
> 4. Teach tolerance and conflict resolution, peer mediation in
>school at every level
> 5. Develop drug and alcohol programs in every school that work
> 6. Pray and allow others to pray in school if they choose
>I grew up in the 50's so I know things can be much better than they
>no in protecting children's innocence and bringing peace and safety
>our school children.
>ann carolan
>PS Anyone what to add to the list of " I CANS and I WILLS".
>Ann Carolan

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