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Re: keeping an eye on a student

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The Cheevers (lazydog)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 22:48:59 -0400

I think I am misunderstood concerning the amont of mail I have recieved on
restricting my students artwork. I say to them no sex, drugs, or
violence/racism. I feel in my old bones that I am right to tell them that
these things are not acceptable in the classroom. What they, or I myself do
with sex and drugs on our own time is a matter of personal preference. Being
older, I feel that the preference of extracurricular activities is a
personal choice and in the case of my students preferences that ought to
monitored by their parents. I am amazed at the recent discussions on how the
schools should pick up on morality issues and this and that. Could someone
please tell me what a parent is responsible for today? Can or should the
schools be responsible for being the absent parent? When are we going to
hold them accountable as we do the schools with our SOLs and the like.
I think many things can be gleaned from a student that has emotional
problems. I also think they can be directed as to what is acceptable and
what is not. When they are old enough to handle the responsibility of
controversial topics, fine. Picasso had his share as did most of the
Impressionists and a zillion other artists to boot. We are teaching
Children. Whether they are 6 or 16 they need guidance as to what is
acceptable and what is not. If we keep saying "Okay, Honey, you do whatever
makes you feel good," then we are bound to get many more children who are
"expressing" themselves by the art of their violence. Surely there are
other methods..... Lisa in VA
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Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: keeping an eye on a student

>I believe that we as art teachers must allow the student to express
>himself/herself for many different reasons. One being that we may actually
>be able to get help for the student before its too late. Sometimes students
>are just trying to impress the other students, but even that would be cause
>for alert. If art teachers censor too much, then as professionals we cut
>off what the student is really going through. In view of what has gone on
>with CO., I would rather know than not know. Yet, I would not allow the
>violent scenes, drug symbols, gang symbols, etc... to go on for long before
>having communication with student, parent, supervisors, etc.. Kathy, art
>teacher/ art therapist in WI.
>> From: The Cheevers <lazydog>
>> To: astroboy; MPBC90; artsednet list serve
>> Subject: Re: keeping an eye on a student
>> Date: Friday, April 23, 1999 1:39 PM
>> Subject: Re: keeping an eye on a student
>> I always tell my students no sex, drugs, violence or hate art is
>> When they get older or if they are alone they are welcome to do what they
>> like but I don't condone it in my own children's behavior, why should I
>> allow it in my classroom?
>> Lisa in VA