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Re: A Scary Story to Share about a Killer and his folks

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Salvador Wilcox (salvador_wilcox)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 17:31:31 PDT

BluesTruth, i usually respect people's opinions but do you actually
read what you write before you hit send. you come across as very
narrow minded and all-knowing--it's the damn parents, i was there! i
don't think the aim was choosing with whom to sympathize more. don't
know why you took it that way. get real, to quote you.

salvador wilcox

>From: BluesTruth
>Reply-To: BluesTruth
>Subject: Re: A Scary Story to Share about a Killer and his folks
>Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 17:52:10 EDT
>That was some story. To tell you the truth, I feel worse for the
kids and
>their parents of the 15 families that died at the hands of this "good
>neighbor" Eric than I do for Eric's so-called parents. In other
words, I
>have no sympathy for those "good neighbors." So they were nice to
>neighbor and helped him out. So maybe they were good neighbors, and
>NEGLECTED their kids. Obviously, this kid was not cared for as he
>have been. They had to be big gaps in parenting there. You are
>and making excuses for a kid who idolizied the Nazis (Perfectly
normal for
>young boys?!?!?) and keeping the gun barrels on his dresser in his
>bedroom-(-oh well, he was "fascinated" with guns. Boys will be boys).
>bombs in his garage? So he had a little hobby.
>Do you have children, Marc? I do --Two teenage boys. If they were
>Hitler, making bombs, collecting guns like bubblegum--I would walk,
not run
>with both of my kids in each arm, to the nearest therapist or mental
>hospital & tie them up on the therapist's couch and not let them
leave until
>they are o.k.
>Get real. Your sympathy for the wrong people is very misguided to
say the
>least. Those parents are responsible.

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