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Re: Censoring Children's Images

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Virginia Rockwood (wckdstpm)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 18:20:20 -0400

I abhore censorship of any kind, however a certain responsibility exists for
many "behaviors" in our culture. There is an appropriate time and a place.
When the art supplies are provided by tax dollars, I've been told that art
content should reflect community values (which are very liberal where I am.)
If a student must express him/herself by glorifying recreational drug use,
blood and guts murder and violence, or showing explicit sexual activity I
encourage the student to create these images at home, share them with
parents, and to bring them in to show me for assessment. I never tell a
student s/he can't make an image; I tell them to make it at a more
appropriate place. I explain this to my students, and they say it makes
sense, and it's never been an issue with my classes. I also tell them that
if they show me an image that I find disturbing, that I may share it with
their guidance counselor.

Ginny Rockwood
Brattleboro Area Middle School
Brattleboro, VT
>From: "joym" <joym>
>To: <>
>Subject: Censoring Children's Images
>Date: Sat, Apr 24, 1999, 4:08 PM

>Well, folks, here's the rub: You can censor the images that you consider
>"unacceptable" and allow only the "acceptable" ones. You'll be successful
>in getting compliant children who draw only what you deem appropriate. You
>will then be actively conributing to the masking of their feelings &
>conflicts (and maybe just some normal developmental stage stuff), expressed
>through their images. You will not, however, help them be healthy. If you
>can't handle allowing them the freedom to draw what is most salient (which
>is what kids always draw when given the space), then do your best to refer
>them to counselors or trained art therapists, or strongly encourage that
>their parents take them. In all instances, document your concerns & keep or
>xerox the art for a file copy.
>Joy Moody, Board Certified Art Therapist/Licensed Clinical Counselor