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Re: what goes on a teacher's resume?

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 18:28:58 +0000

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I hope you are willing to relocate. There aren't too many art teaching
jobs in Indiana. As a school principal, I would recommend you keeping
your resume down to one page, if possible. You can save your detailed
information for the application. Your cover letter can also include a
few things not on the resume. When I advertised for an art teacher
position, I received around 40 resumes. The ones that commanded my
attention were short and to the point. They also were well-designed and
attractive. I received a six page resume which I just skimmed- I had
more important things to do that day than to read a stranger's

If you succeed in gaining an interview, a portfolio is very important.
It should include a few of your best pieces (to prove you're skilled in
what you teach) and also units you've created. Hopefully you have a few
photos of students in action in your classroom. Most principals aren't
knowledgeable about DBAE, but I believe it would be a plus to mention
that you are well versed in this area. You may need to give a short
explanation about DBAE.

Your work with UPS and Borders is not useful information other than to
document your work history on an application. It is becoming more common
for principals to look up online resumes for their applicants. This is
important because it demonstrates your knowledge in technology and the
internet. I have an online resume of my own which I posted on an
administration website.

Lastly- don't skimp on the application when it asks for your philosophy
of education and other questions that require that you write a few
paragraphs. After going through 40+ applications, they all begin to look
the same. I paid a lot of attention to what was written in these


Marc said.............

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 06:54:42 EDT
Subject: what goes on a teacher's resume?

Hi, y'all,

I would really appreciate the collective experience and wisdom of this
with this problem.

Now that I have finished student teaching, I am revising my resume
feels like I'm starting from scratch!) to send out for my first bona
teaching job. WOOO HOO! (GOODBYE UPS!)

SO . . . I know I should put all of that stuff like where I got my
gpa, area of certification, past employment history, yada-yada-yada . .

what about the meat and potatoes, like my SKILLS? Should I list media I
worked in? should I put together portfolios of my work? Of student
Should I mention different types of units I have planned and taught?
I mention extracurricular projects?

I am guessing yes to all of the above paragraph and more.

How detailed to I need to be in my previous work history? I thought I
try to highlight the education tie-ins in my previous jobs (I have been
corporate trainer for both Borders and United Parcel Service).

Thing is, I'm feeling like either my resume is going to be five pages
long or
it will be printed in 6 point type!

I think I need to prioritize and do some editting here. Any insight
into how
a successful Art Education resume is put together would be immensely

thanks so much,


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