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Re: Kids & Guns

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John Bundy (jibundy)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 18:22:06 -0500

You stated you did not understand my statement about If we get rid of guns
we should get rid of art. let me explain. Some of us blame guns, some of us
blame parents, some of us blame the school systems. and some blame the
arts...examples... violence in the movies and in video games ( I consider
game creation art) some say we need to teach tolerance of different beliefs.
The visual media also music have and do influence our behaviors especially
those that are forming their behaviors.
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From: Rosa Juliusdottir <rojul>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 3:25 PM
Subject: Kids & Guns

>I am still following the discussion on the tragedy in Colorado. I think it
>is interesting how it has taken hold of us all. Because we work with
>children and young ones I assume. And because we are caring artists and our
>feelings are usually more at the surface.
>I want to say to Bluestruth(Jill) that I think your pointing out the
>difference in city schools and how gang members seem to protect the place
>their siblings get their education, is actually quite right and makes sense
>to me.
>Something in the answer from John Bundy caught my eyes though.
><If we should get rid of guns maybe we should get rid of art! Because an<
><unarmed population is at the mercy of military or criminal elements<.
>I cannot see this being the same; that is getting rid of guns meaning we
>should also get rid of art. Art does not kill anyone. And also I do live in
>a relatively unarmed population and we are not at all at the mercy of
>military or criminal elements, as a matter of fact we have relatively few
>murders compared to all the countries around us. Of course we don´t even
>have an army!
>Anyway I still want to point out my belief, I really think if you had
>stricter gunlaws you would not have so much crime in the U.S.
>You all know that people in your country have shot another person to death
>when they were only asking information, and the person that did the
>shooting happened to have a gun and with the fear people seem to have,
>horrible things happen. Maybe it is this fear we have to work on.
>I do believe Joy the art therapist is right we should let our students
>express their feelings even if the images are not always what we would
>choose to see. We can talk to them and hopefully guide them away from those
>images(blood, sex or whatever we find unappropriate).
>My deepest hope these days is that this sad tragedy can help us see ways to
>prevent more such tragedies.
>Peace from the far north, Rósa