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Re: A Scary Story to Share about a Killer and his folks

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Sun, 25 Apr 1999 17:52:10 EDT


That was some story. To tell you the truth, I feel worse for the kids and
their parents of the 15 families that died at the hands of this "good
neighbor" Eric than I do for Eric's so-called parents. In other words, I
have no sympathy for those "good neighbors." So they were nice to the
neighbor and helped him out. So maybe they were good neighbors, and
NEGLECTED their kids. Obviously, this kid was not cared for as he should
have been. They had to be big gaps in parenting there. You are dismissing
and making excuses for a kid who idolizied the Nazis (Perfectly normal for
young boys?!?!?) and keeping the gun barrels on his dresser in his
bedroom-(-oh well, he was "fascinated" with guns. Boys will be boys). Making
bombs in his garage? So he had a little hobby.

Do you have children, Marc? I do --Two teenage boys. If they were loving
Hitler, making bombs, collecting guns like bubblegum--I would walk, not run
with both of my kids in each arm, to the nearest therapist or mental
hospital & tie them up on the therapist's couch and not let them leave until
they are o.k.
Get real. Your sympathy for the wrong people is very misguided to say the
least. Those parents are responsible.