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Re: resolution scrap book & therapy - long post

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Sun, 25 Apr 1999 13:31:35 EDT


You are a treasure!!!

I very much appreciate your input and insight. I'll be changing the way I do
things from now on (I won't give my rule -- "no knives, guns, blood or
guts"). I have very middle class students in my elementary classes (I teach
"Enriched Art" in three elementary G/T magnet schools), some identified as
"gifted" in art. The others we identify as "potentially gifted" so the
classes won't be so small.

When I give assignments I tell the students that the artwork we display must
not scare little children because the kindergartners walk through the halls
like everyone else. Isn't that okay? I've had other people say things were
scary when I didn't think so -- even an artist friend who visited our annual
art exhibit). We do clay, printmaking, batiks, masks, sumi-e painting,
origami -- the printmaking and masks are the only areas I'm concerned about
of their assigned projects.

The times when the "knives..." come up are when they are finished with the
major project and then they can have "free draw" time. I got real tired of
seeing knives stuck in eyes and blood spurting out -- guts coming out of
abdomens, heads smashed, dinosaurs devouring spurting, bleeding people. How
can you tell if there's a problem or if they watch too many cartoons or video
games (which I feel is also a problem)?

I also limit them to original ideas -- no copies of cartoons or action or
video figures. I tell them they can do that on their own but not in my art
class. We have discussions of copyright laws in which they become very

Is there a national directory of Art Therapists? I think it would be
beneficial if we (I'm the president of the Garland Art Teachers'
Organization) could get one as a speaker who lives in the Dallas area, maybe
to lead a workshop for all our art teachers.

Thanks for your help......
Terry in Garland, TX