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Re: Kids & Guns

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John Bundy (jibundy)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 12:09:03 -0500

I must take a different viewpoint than yours. It's so easy to blame guns
instead of holding individuals responsible for their actions. As an art
teacher I don't like the idea of censorship but I try to promote responsible
use of art. Art can not truly exist without freedom and with freedom comes
responsibility. Gun ownership is no different. My father who passed away
last week had 511 days of front line duty, several purple hearts , a
presidential citation, bronze star and others, fought for our rights and
If we should get rid of guns maybe we should get rid of art! Because an
unarmed population is at the mercy of military or criminal elements. If you
will note my answer to you is not a personal attack only a difference of
beliefs . Even though we are both passionate in our resolve I hope you
understand I respect your right to make known your opinions. John Bundy
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From: BluesTruth <BluesTruth>
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Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 11:22 AM
Subject: Kids & Guns

>A lot of you have been asking WHY this happened in Littleton, Colorado----a
>nice, safe, suburban, white middle and upper class place to live. What is
>going wrong? A lot of reasons are given, i.e.; video games, violent
>and TV, gun culture, absent parenting, to name a few. Yes-these reasons
>contribute, but it not a good idea to generalize about the actions of these
>gunman. These boys had a very serious psychiatric disorder and were bent
>suicide. They were very sick boys. (Understatement of the year) The other
>piece of the puzzle: Why take 13 people out with you? And all of you
>Charleton Heston wannabees & 2nd Amendment people out there, I ask you:
>Would these boys be able to kill if they were armed with sticks? Did you
>know the NRA starts them early? Why, you can buy bibs with NRA all over
>They have brochures with children pointing guns. I guess they are thinking
>of the future gun buyers.
>I work in an urban school. Why didn't this happen in Chicago ( where I
>or New York, L.A., etc.? My theory is that, believe it or not, the gangs
>hold the school very sacred. They have their baby sisters and brothers
>attending there. I see them in their gang colors and jacket emblems
>the hands of their siblings and walking
>them to their classes in our school. They don't bother the schools as far
>I have
>experienced. I think underneath it all, they want their little sister and
>brother to get their education, and not make the same mistake they did.
>want a better life for them. In many of the families at our school they
>the "daddys" --most of my families do not have a dad as the head of the
>household. Just my opinion.
>Thanks for reading--
>Bluestruth (Jill)