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Re: file for forbidden stuff....

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Maggie White (mwhite)
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 14:48:15 -0700

Hi, Bunki,

I've not set up a special corner, nor encouraged students to do this. They'll just do
it on their own. I confiscate the work when I see it, and tell the student privately
I'll hang on to it for him, it may not leave the room, he can come see it, blahblah.
The reaction is usually sheepishness, embarrassment, or occasionally anger. Sometimes
the student will ball it up before I can get it. I don't remember anyone coming to
visit their work, nor other students trying to sneak a peek. I'm sure most of what I've
taken--and it really hasn't been that much--has just been a venting of hormones.

If the picture seems to warrant it, I'll tell him I want to show it to a counselor; note
that I'm not asking for permission to do this. Some students have acted noticeably
relieved when I've told them this. None have complained or protested.

The only picture I've seen that truly freaked me out was left out, signed, where I
couldn't miss seeing it. It showed a boy with his genitals outside his pants, an
automatic weapon in his hands, heading in the direction of a playground. Yow...I
referred that one immediately. I don't know what the follow up was.

Bunki Kramer wrote:

> .....While he didn't encourage these sorts of images, he recognized
> >some students' need to express forbidden feelings. He set up a private
> >corner of the room where individuals could go and do work of that sort,
> >with the stipulation that it could not leave the room, nor could be shown
> >to friends. He kept it in a special file and the student could "visit"
> >it. ...>I wonder if hindering the students' ability to express something
> >he can't>say out loud does more harm than good? >Maggie
> *******************
> HI....That's an interesting take on the problem. Since you've used this
> idea before, Maggie, how often have you used it and did you have many
> students try this process? Did you think it was successfully accomplished
> and did the student feel better? Did the other kids still via to see this
> work and cause a hassle? Did the students "visit" their work later? Did you
> have a chance to discuss personally the work with each student?