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Re: keeping an eye on a student

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Fri, 23 Apr 1999 02:22:13 EDT

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<< When we get honest & look at
ourselves & the other adults around us, we begin to "see" how often we
discount early warning signs.

Joy Moody, Art Therapist/Clinical Counselor/Basketmaker >>
I have a student who seems somewhat obsessed with death. I did not worry too
much earlier this year, but as each project somehow seemed to include a
vision of murder or death, I have begun to watch him a little closer. I
mentioned him to a guidance counselor last week, just before this tragedy.
He seems a nice 4th grade boy. Very large (overweight, really, but bulky),
relatively polite (no profanity or disrespectful phrases to me or other
students that I have noticed) but his preoccupation with some morbid scenes
is worth noting, right? For example, his Foil Man was a squished figure on a
drawn road, entitled "Man Run Over." It kind of made me grin, for it was a
first, and I just thought he was compensating for his lack of sculpting
ability! Then, his plaster figure was a man with a gun, leaning on it. A
recent sketch had a huge knife in the chest of a human figure with blood
dripping down. His perspective sketch(es) had a ghost-town-like look with
something like an old shoot-out occurring. Hmmmm. In light of this recent
tragedy, I do not know where to go now. This is also a rather suburban,
middle class/upperclass neighborhood, and a parochial school! Any
mp in NY