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Re: Who is to blame? The Colorado Shooting

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Fri, 23 Apr 1999 00:34:44 EDT

Craig wrote:
One thing that concerns me, is that there seems to be alot of "pointing the
finger" at the parents of these kids (not only on TV but also in some of
the email messages I've read here) Let's be careful here...imagine the
pain these people are feeling (as well as all the others affected by this
tragic event). While I agree parents (and teachers) need to be pro-active
in children's lives, I feel it's rather simplistic to assume that parents
are/were to blame here.

I don't claim to know what happened here....or what the solution is. But,
I doubt that simply instituting a "non-violence" class of some sort in
schools is going to "fix" the problem...particularly when you're competing
with so much violence in our culture. While we all need to play a
role...lets not forget that kids have a responsibility here as well.

My thoughts
Thank you for bringing to light the parent issue. I have a young child who
we adopted at a very young age. She has had many problems that we are trying
to work with. We are lucky because my sister is a child psychologist. Many
parents know there is something wrong but don't know were to go or to whom to
go to for help. Some parents don't even know there is help for their
children. Kids are born the way they are born and there are only medical
remedies if you are lucky enough to be able to find the correct remedy. I
also have a 16 year old son of whom is doing fine. Both children are from
different parents and both are very opposite. We as parents can only hope we
affect/effect (?) their lives by guiding them and hopefully we guide them
correctly. We as parents do not have Doctorates or degrees and I truly
believe that 90 percent of the people who raise children would do better if
they could or new how.
To end this note with a happy tone, both of my children are now on the
medication they needed and we have gone from a highly explosive, obsessive,
unloving and irrational, child that tested out at an 80 IQ to a very bright
dedicated even keel child who is very loving. All of this happened because
we had people around us who knew where to find help.