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Re: guns, insults (long, I'm sorry)

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Teri Sanford (terily)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 22:08:43 -0500

First I would like to say that obviously this is a sensitive issue for both of
us. I am a bit taken aback by being called a "gun nut" because I find myself
sometimes nervous that my husband has them in the house. I agree with you on the
uzi issue, I don't think that kind of weapon is necessary. But someone created
it (for war or whatever reason) so it is something we deal with. They are
illegal to purchase and own in this country. I think you will find that the
majority of owners of this type of weapon are either ex-military or criminal.
I do not have children yet, but when I do I will teach them in the way that my
Native American ancestors did, that the only reason to kill an animal is if a)
you need to feed your family or b) it is threatening your family. I do not
believe in killing, only in providing for and protecting my family. I think the
reason I am a teacher is to practice "being there at all times" for kids. I have
been a teacher for 9 years now and have been there for many. I know that when we
are ready to have our own, I will be very prepared to be there at all times. I
think my philosophy is good and just and that I will be able to raise loving
humans. I will raise sons that know how to provide for and protect their own
families one day and daughters, too, for that matter. I have not ever killed
anything with a gun, nor do I ever hope to have to. However, I do feel some
security in that I know HOW to use one, should the unfortunate occasion arise.
One other thing I mentioned is regarding the founding fathers. As I said in my
earlier post, they put that amendment in the constitution to protect the people
from a government out of control. Something I have always tried to do is to see
all sides of an issue, with out too much emotion. This is just one thing that
must be considered when discussing gun control laws. Beware thinking "that would
never happen in ____" (fill in the blank here: America, my town, my school...).
I do see your side. I see that there are times that gun control seems like the
best thing, to keep them away from children and the real "nuts" (because,
although I am NOT one, I know they are out there in small numbers). But I also
believe that government should not have total control (give an inch...) because
you never know when we might (albeit accidentally) elect a Hitler type who may
just decide that the group you or I or our families belongs to is the WRONG
group. Maybe even artists...
I hope that you are able to see some of my point here. It is an emotional
issue. What just happened in Colorado is an unfortunate accident. Many people
are deeply affected by this. But to place the blame on an inanimate object is
passing the buck. I would feel this way no matter what my opinion of guns. It
sounds like the parents of this child MAY HAVE BEEN teaching their kids the wrong
things. It goes back to them, not to the guns that the students had. (BTW, the
media is now saying they were not alone in this, there may have been adults
involved, or other students, because of the number of bomb that have been found.)

One last thing, our own high school had a bomb threat today. The 6-12 grades
had to sit from 11 am until 5:30 this afternoon on the football field. My HS
class could not come over to the elem. for art today because the "bomber" said
there were some bombs on the buses as well. All the elem. kids had to stay at
school, too, because there were no buses to take them home. Classes are canceled
for tomorrow because of fear. So for me to get your post telling me to watch my
back was very upsetting. I will be signing off for awhile, at least keeping my
opinions to myself. Being attacked and called a gun nut for expressing an
opinion is just not what I want after a day like today.


Teri S. Mason
Hutto, TX

BluesTruth wrote:

> I ask you WHY do you need a RIFLE or one of those GIGIANTIC oozis (sp.?) that
> shoot 1,000 bullets in one second? Why is it considered good parenting to
> teach your child how to use a gun to kill???? ...And, let's face it, that's
> what you gun nuts are passing along to your kids--How to Kill. Good
> parenting. Hope your kid doesn't get angry with you someday. Watch your
> back.
> Children need to be taught how to love (not how to hate and kill) and we must
> love them unconditionally--and we HAVE to be there for them at all times.
> That's good parenting.
> BT