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Re: Carla et al on Littleton

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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 16:08:38 -0500

I've also observed the cruelty you speak of with adolescents. Just this week a
young man in my room said some very mean things to one of my Serbian
students. What he said was just blurted out , impulsively like this young man
often does, and like many young people often do ( but I I'm not excusing his
actions just because he is an adolescent.) But just think of how often you
hear adults do the same thing! Also as grandma says" the acorn does not fall
far from the tree"

Churchill Junior High School wrote:

> I'm with Carla here. I teach in a junior high and am appalled at the
> cruelty kids inflict on each other; they say mean - and often violent -
> things to each other, among the most common epithets are "faggot" and
> "retard". In a culture which glorifies violence in film, on television, and
> in computer games,it should not surprise us that there are occasional
> episodes of some kid or kids acting out their violent fantasies. Despite
> the horror in Colorado, kids are still much safer at school than at home.