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Re: art and sports LONG

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 16:36:44 -0400

Robert Alexander Fromme wrote:
> Football season in our school is a nightmare for art faculty and art
> students alike. Our normal curricular responsibilities are compounded by
> substantial demands from administrators and athletic staff. Within the week
> before every varsity game, we are expected to produce a 14' X 40' painted,
> sports related mural on paper. On the night of the game the week's labor
> is tied between two poles, held up by members of the J.R.O.T.C. and then
> athletes have the pleasure of destroying the hours of handiwork by running
> through it as they enter the playing field. What a telling symbol of obtuse
> public values in this culture. What a powerful statement concerning our
> attitudes toward sports, and the military facing down the visual arts and
> ecology.

Betty Bowen wrote:
> Bob,
> About sports programs and the arts, you also expressed that very well.
> Sadly, it doesn't stop with high school. The kids who go through high school
> being taught that artists are unpaid volunteer decorators-on-demand keep
> that attitude into adulthood. But it can also really devalue those skills and abilities.

Yes there are a many problems to solve in the years ahead. Educators
as well as parents and children need to realize how you treat
someone is going to effect everyone's lives.
By making Sports or any one group privileged or more important> that
effects not only one's self worth but also resentment toward the
"Privileged class". These kids were outcasts> but was it entirely
their will to be outcasts? Were they the small kids being picked on
by the jocks? Or the gay college student who wasn't allowed to
cohabit in the same town with others who were against his lifestyle?
I watched some of the Town/School Meeting Clinton had with students
in VA today. This school had Peer Mediators set up and a Hotline you
could call anonymously. They also had social workers and mental
health care on their facilities to help with more serious problems.
This seems to cover a wide range of potential problems before they
would get out of hand. It would be great to see this implemented in
all schools. I don't know if xray and searches at the schools are
needed, but you haven't seen any of these terrorist attacks yet
happen in the urban setting. This appears to happen in suburban
"SAFE" neighborhoods. All I keep thinking is, it is not just one
problem it is many and we need the whole community to care and be
involved. The father of one of the Black students who was killed
said that his son did say they were picked on by this group, but he
felt it was something his son could handle and could put up with. He
said it didn't appear to be out of hand and he had to learn to live
with everyone. Now he wishes he would have said something to the
principal. So I guess the best advise is - not wait for a situation
to escalate and it's better to be safe than sorry.