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RE: Shooting in Colorado - moderately long post

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Fields, Linda (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 12:46:46 -0400

I agree. One thing I often say to my high schoolers is what I used to say to
my own children when I'd hear "shut up!"-My response is "We don't say 'shut
up' in this family." They look at me like I'm nuts, but they usually smile
and cooperate. Linda in NC

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> I believe strongly that arts education has as much to do with healing the
> human spirit and putting morals (a "hot" word, I know) into practice. To
> that end, every first day of classes begins with THE RULES:
> 1. Play Hard - always do your best, which is always good enough
> 2. Play Fair - treat everyone in the class the way you want to be
> treated...who wants to be treated badly?
> 3. Nobody Hurt - this not only means the usual no punching,
> hitting,
> kicking, etc., it means we NEVER, NEVER make fun of or criticize anything
> anyone says or does as a part of the class activity/lesson. There are no
> "right/wrong" answers in art, just different techniques/perspectives.
> Also,
> art is dependent on a sense of freedom...we cannot create if we are
> constantly worried about what someone might say about us. And if we can't
> create, then we can't be ourselves; if we can't be ourselves, we are not
> free!
> These rules have been very successful, from the high school student to
> preschool...due in part to my consistent enforcement, and also the
> student's
> sense of responsibility. That is an important factor here...a sense of
> responsibility!
> JMHO, and apologies for the long post.
> Charlene
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> Before we can expect children to say "no" to drugs and violence, we must
> give
> them something to say "yes" to: their own creativity!
> The Imagination Power Company
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