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Fields, Linda (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 12:26:15 -0400

I agree with Joy, but I think it needs to go further than that. One of the
things I have observed after spending years as a teacher and as a member of
a team that takes referrals to help kids their teachers think are having
problems of any kind, is that we in public schools are so hampered by the
bureaucracy and red tape that has been established by our legal system our
hands are often tied. I firmly believe that those of us who spend day after
day with these kids oftentimes know more about them and what's inside their
heads than many of their parents, but seldom have I seen a social agency or
doctor, or psychologist accept what we have to say as believable. And many
times these kids have been "identified" which, by law, limits even further
the steps we can take with these children. Until we agree that this is not a
school problem, but one that needs parents, families, extended community,
social agencies, schools, churches, and everyone working together from the
time the child is born, we will not solve the problem. And until we let/make
children be children instead of allowing them to be in control of the adults
in their lives, we will continue to have problems.
In reading back over this, I realize I sound very frustrated-I am. I
have taught 3 students I can think of off the top of my head about whom
other teachers and I have said, "This one is headed for trouble, we need to
get him some help" and no one would listen. All three are in prison-one for
murder, one for bombs, and one for armed robbery and murder. I have not
taught in any "inner city" schools-all these kids came from rural/semi-rural
middle class schools. I am worried about the future of my children and
grandchildren. Linda in NC

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> BluesTruth has asked me to share my thoughts. This is an especially
> touching situation for me, as my niece used to live in Littleton. Do I
> think these kids need help? Yes. There are many kids out there who suffer
> needlessly in silence. I just heard someone on TV give advice to parents
> to
> let the kids come to them. No, parents have to be more involved, more
> active, better role models as do teachers & community members. As we
> listen
> to the accounts coming out of Littleton, it's clear that people knew there
> were some things "not quite right". Adults have to not only make
> themselves
> available to kids, they have to actively seek & draw them out. If kids are
> well known as outcasts, does it occur to anyone that those circumstances
> create emotional pain & conflict that should be addressed? If your child
> were building bombs with supplies stored in your house would you know? If
> not, why not. If you kid had a hate or violence focused website, would you
> know? If not why not. I believe there are lots of "lost" kids out there,
> from upper class families as well as the lower - all needing things that
> our fast paced society no longer readily provides - time, attention,
> direction, positive influence, family talks.
> Joy Moody, Art Therapist/Licensed Clinical Counselor/Basketmaker