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Re: Shooting in Colorado - moderately long post

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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:50:56 EDT

I believe strongly that arts education has as much to do with healing the
human spirit and putting morals (a "hot" word, I know) into practice. To
that end, every first day of classes begins with THE RULES:
1. Play Hard - always do your best, which is always good enough
2. Play Fair - treat everyone in the class the way you want to be
treated...who wants to be treated badly?
3. Nobody Hurt - this not only means the usual no punching, hitting,
kicking, etc., it means we NEVER, NEVER make fun of or criticize anything
anyone says or does as a part of the class activity/lesson. There are no
"right/wrong" answers in art, just different techniques/perspectives. Also,
art is dependent on a sense of freedom...we cannot create if we are
constantly worried about what someone might say about us. And if we can't
create, then we can't be ourselves; if we can't be ourselves, we are not free!

These rules have been very successful, from the high school student to
preschool...due in part to my consistent enforcement, and also the student's
sense of responsibility. That is an important factor here...a sense of

JMHO, and apologies for the long post.

Before we can expect children to say "no" to drugs and violence, we must give
them something to say "yes" to: their own creativity!
The Imagination Power Company