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re: guns

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Teri Sanford (terily)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 07:28:10 -0500

<< I disagree! Guns don't kill people. People kill people. If
you outlaw guns
will not stop criminals from getting guns. We already have lots
of laws, we
need to enforce them. The first thing Hitler did in Germany was
to take away
the guns. If all the Kosovoites had guns do you think the
Serbs would be
attacking them??? If criminals knew that honest citizens
carried guns do you
think they would be so quick to hold them up? >>

<<Well, if that isn't the knee-jerk NRA response I've never
heard it!
Most civilized countries don't have the problems this country
has with
citizens killing each other at the rate of a civil war on a
daily basis
because they regulate gun ownership.
Do you know the numbers? They are shocking.
We need gun laws.
Wake up and stop trying to live in a past that has gone forever.
We are an
urban society, no longer a frontier.>>

I have to yet disagree! If gun laws are to become more strict,
the ONLY people with guns will be criminals AND the
police/military. We can't be so naive as to think that our own
military or police would not someday possibly turn against us.
Our founding fathers did not put it in the constitution so that
we could all go hunting once a year. It was for protection of
our personal freedoms. I agree that, in the wrong hand, guns do
harm. BUT, I think it's passing the buck (of responsibility) to
say that GUNS are the reason that happened in CO (or any other
place). It is a SOCIETAL problem, with parenting, violence on
TV, etc. There are TOO MANY responsible gun owners in this
country to make a generalization that all guns cause killings.
I heard on the radio this morning that on that boy's (supposed)
website on AOL, he had a document on how to build a pipe bomb
that was AUTHORED BY HIS FATHER!! So don't blame guns on poor
parenting. Yes, today unstable people ARE allowed to buy guns
under the law. But with gun control laws, only the criminals
will have guns, bought ILLEGALLY just like they buy them now.
(If you think the gov. will be able to truly enforce gun
control, take a look at the "war on drugs")

just my .02

Teri S. Mason
Hutto, TX