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Re: time detectives and others

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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 03:07:12 EDT

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<< If you describe these activities as turning kids into "detectives" you
might want to have them read the Sherlock Holmes episode in which he meets
Dr. Watson for the first time and identifies him as a doctor who has
recently come from Afghanistan. Sorry---I don't have the quotation with me
in Holland, but I'll bet someone out there can provide it---Ron must have
it. It's a great way to talk about logical reasoning, both deductive and

Dear Marcia and others interested in this Time Detective Lesson plan we are
kind of developing...

There is Disney film (the "new" classics) entitled The Great Mouse Detective.
In it, mice play Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Their first encounter (in this
animated film), I believe there is reference to that quote with Sherlock
using deductive reasoning to come to conclusions. This clip (if a teacher
could get this popular video, and set it for this scene) might be more
appropriate for younger elementary students!


I did this with 2nd Graders. Paleontologist Lesson. First, make them repeat
this nice long 6 syllable word! Then define it! This aspect of Science is
based mainly on guesses, deductive reasoning, etc. Pour plaster of paris
into small cups, half way or so. Students drop a rubber bug or shell or
trinket of their choice into the plaster, and cover object with more plaster.
Next class, (go outside! messy!) break open the plaster, and chip away
chunks (with small hammers or rocks) and use paintbrushes to brush away small
particles, until the object can be removed, AND an imprint (or fossil-like
print) is salvaged. Great fun. Have many more details to this lesson, and a
handout with the word PALEONTOLOGIST at the top, with a word scramble
thingie..."how many other words can you find in this word" kind of thing.
The handout helps with those that finish sooner, or are waiting for you to
get to them to help chop or pour or whatever. Good with Dinousaur unit, good
with "fossil" units, texture and imprinting in art...and so on. Hope this
inspires someone. Let me know if you want the handout. An MSWord file.
MP in NY