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Re: foil guys

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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 21:50:17 -0500

S. Henneborn wrote:
> MaryAnn,.... It is good that you came on line to
> clarify your position.
> I can understand the firestorm. No one wants to do the work and others take
> the credit/payment..... I never did find the original post explaining
> the Foil Guys to the list so that I can give proper credit. The Guys have
> developed a life of their own....

Sharon, I think (but I could be wrong!) that I posted the "original"
foil guys in response to someone's inquiry. But I can't take credit for
inventing them. The idea came from a book called Sculpture as Experience
by Judith Peck ISBN: 0801979781. In the book the foil guys are used as
armatures for plaster sculptures which I do with 5th graders (ala George
Segal) . But I also use the plain foil guys to do Giacometti with first
graders. This year I did Day of the Dead foil guy skeletons with the 4th
I really enjoyed reading posts from all the people who used them in new
ways, especially the person who made little foil musicians to sit on the
music teacher's piano, and the one who wrote that joyous message about
foil guys invading her building (could've been one in the same, was it
I'm supremely happy that so many people "profited" in one way or another
from that post.
BTW, in case you don't remember, I met you at NAEA on Sunday a.m. at
Craig Roland's Community Map session.
Peace, love, and joy from Linda in Michigan