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Re: Shooting in Colorado, just another day in Yugoslavia-Revenge of

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Linda Stauffer (artistlps)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 21:36:19 -0400

I disagree! Guns don't kill people. People kill people. If you outlaw guns it
will not stop criminals from getting guns. We already have lots of laws, we just
need to enforce them. The first thing Hitler did in Germany was to take away all
the guns. If all the Kosovoites had guns do you think the Serbs would be
attacking them??? If criminals knew that honest citizens carried guns do you
think they would be so quick to hold them up? No they'd have to be afraid just
like we are. They know they have the advantage and we are at their mercy. If
they really want to kill someone they will find ways to do it without guns--pipe
bombs, common household objects can be turned into explosives in the wrong
hands. It's society that has to change. The entertainment industry has to stop
glorifying violence---South Park---Let's kill Kenny!!!, Natural Born Killers,
Marilyn Manson. They need to stop and think what they are doing to the children
of America. Parents need to provide responsible guidance for their children. Do
not allow this violent trash into your homes. Write letters to networks, boycott
stores that sell the products or companies that sponsor these shows.

RB7Surf7 wrote:

> As long as they allow people to leagally own guns so they can go out and
> murder harmless animals as a sport, we will have people going "Postal".
> Hunting is a barbaric sport and its about time they put an end to it.
> Many of these school shooting incidents are happening in states where hunting
> is a popular pastime! I believe as long as hunting is glorified, kids will
> continue to go POSTAL!
> safer in NY-
> RB

Linda P. Stauffer
Quakertown, PA
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