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Re: Kosovo

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 14:54:29 -0400

joym wrote:
> Sorry, I think it's a cop out to say you don't want to see anyone
> slaughtered, but then make a conscious choice to stand back & let it
> happen.
> Joy Moody, Art Therapist/Basketmaker
> website:
> .

If you were referring to me I wasn't implying he
(Milosovich)shouldn't be dealt with. It would make it easier if
you'd speak of what you are replying to. Since I did use the word
slaughtered in a sentence, I assume you are speaking of my email. I
am not completely a pacifist- although I did grow up in a quaker
environment and did attend quaker schools. This is a touchy subject
and I'm not in the mood to argue pros and cons of War. However
Bombing is ridiculous in my opinion, as an English officer said
recently-"YOu've never seen a soldier surrender to an airplane.
Saying we will bomb but will not send in ground troops is a bit like
running with your big toes cut off.
This is what I wrote:
> By the way- Of course I don't want the people of kosovo slaughtered
> but I can't see how bombing is going to teach peace. Is it an
> example to slap someone who is fighting to teach them how to get
> along?
Under the subject-OT-Computers as parents? Where did we go wrong?

Sandra Barrick