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Mary Ann Kohl reconsidered . . .

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Wed, 21 Apr 1999 14:22:53 EDT

All of this stuff seems pretty insignificant after yesterday's events in
Colorado . . .

Made me think, "Where are our priorities as a society, mine as an individual?"

I am a hot-headed, idealistic, romantic, young(-ish) teacher. As a
combination, those qualities can often be boiled down to foolishness.

Mary Ann, I apologize for my comments. I believe that a lot of this has
arisen within the group becasue of miscommunication (or

Obviously, those who have freely shared ideas here are not driven by the
desire to publish their original material. Anyone can sign on here and
silently plagiarize--You are not doing that. You are an active and, to many,
valued contributor to this group, and when you come across an idea you like,
you approach the person for permission to use it.

The more I researched your books, the more I suspected that you started
self-published (as you since indicated to me). I respect that tremendously.
I used to work for Borders as a Local Interest book buyer and dealt primarily
with self-published authors. Regardless of the quality of their books, these
were people, by and large, who put a lot of effort and, often, a lot of their
own money into the production of these books. They also spent a great deal
of time pounding the pavement, trying to get stores to carry their books.
Very few of these folks ever broke even on the deal. I realize how much time
and effort it takes to get to the point where you are listed on
You should be proud of your efforts.

I suppose the lesson here is that anyone (including Mary Ann) who has ideas
they may wish to publish, should be careful about putting them out on the
internet--here or anywhere--without a copyright.

Once again, Mary Ann, I apologize. I thought you were one of the wolves out
there. I was wrong.


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