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OT-Computers as Parents?Where did we go wrong?LONG

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 13:56:17 -0400

This came from my preschool group and I think it relates with some
of the behavior we see in years to come from children and their anti
social-psycopath type behavior. Read below what one preschool
teacher in my group is dealing with...
> Hi! I teach Head Start. I am looking for information to give to one of
> my parents that encourages parents not to rely entirely on the computer
> to teach their children. This parent insists that her child is learning
> from the computer and does not need any interaction from her. No matter
> what I say to her, she believes that all he needs is more time at the
> computer playing games. Unfortunately, this child has not made any
> improvements in basic skills and I am concerned about his success in
> kindergarten. Any information would be useful. THANKS!!!
> Dee

To think that you could bring a child in the world and then expect
them to raise themselves without interaction- infront of a TV,
computer etc. What does that say? Of course I've always been under
the belief that there should be mandatory parent classes before you
have kids. I also believe that we should have mandatory volunteering
(what! How can you mandate volunteering when that juxtaposes the
meaning?) How can you not? It seems we are getting further and
further away from life and social society. Some of these kids are
fairly privileged. Even if they are not with the growth/trend of
families broken apart and not knowing relatives we should experience
with our kids helping out underprivileged and community centers and
any other function which could open their eyes to the humanity of

By the way- Of course I don't want the people of kosovo slaughtered
but I can't see how bombing is going to teach peace. Is it an
example to slap someone who is fighting to teach them how to get
along? It's easy to pass billions of dollars anytime there is
fighting in other parts of the world- but can you imagine how 10
billion dollars would improve our schools. You also have to wonder
what does it tell our kids when they are searched and seized and
locked into their schools- when someone comes in with a gun they
can't get out!
It's this oppression/agression which contributes greatly to the

Sandra Barrick