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Re: MaryAnn

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MaryAnn Kohl (maryann)
Tue, 20 Apr 99 12:34:57 -0700

>MaryAnn, I'm a little, actually not just a little, I've very upset
>at the fact that you pick from the brains and experience of everyone
>on this list and then put out a book and make a ton of money. I feel
>that you are really a user and that you don't belong on this list.

Sidnie, and anyone else interested:
When and if I ever use an idea from anyone, I ask their permission,
and then I give them a free book if they agree to have their idea
inclkuded in a book, which is more than most authors do by a long shot.
(BTW, I don't make a ton of money.)
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, though I feel you have
misconstrued things. I was just going to send back the list I have
complied of the big and messy ideas the list has contributed, and of
those many ideas, I might ask to use about 3 out of the whole thing. I
would contact those people only, not the whole list, and if they agree,
fine, and if they don't, fine. I've got plenty of ideas without anyone
elses. I don't set out to TAKE ideas. But if I see one I think other
peiople would like, I put it in a book pronto...but only with the
permission of the person who contributed it. So.... is that what you
mean "pick from the brains, etc"
I have been a part of this loop in a sharing and contributing way,
giving far more than many other people on this loop, and I enjoy sharing
so you can "pick from my brain". I am not on the take. Sorry you are very
upset. I'm a little upset by your post too. But that doesn't stop me from
sharing my ideas and asking for others to share theirs.
If enough people are upset with me, I will sign off. But I hope
that's not the case.

MaryAnn F. Kohl (WA)