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Re: Using others for profit

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Tue, 20 Apr 1999 14:10:44 EDT

So, lemme run this past y'all . . . .

What do you do when a student hands in work that is obviously copied from
another source and claims that it is their own?

It's not a matter of whether she's doing us individually more harm than good,
and it's more than a matter of money. I have an ethical problem with it.
And regardles of how I feel about it personally, this whole thing has
obviously made a number of people wary of sharing their ideas, and that free
exchange of ideas is the very reason why I subscribed to this newsgroup.

I seriously doubt that the Getty Foundation set up this newsgroup to further
anyone's publishing career. Royalties from the sale of an individual title
is not the only thing one has to gain from publishing a book (or ten, as the
case may be).

In response to Lindy's very diplomatic comments:
I would love to see a book published of the ideas shared on this newsgroup;
however, I believe that the Getty Foundation or the NAEA or the Nat'l
Endowment for the Arts should receive the royalty checks, however small.

thanks for reading,