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Re: Using others for profit

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Tue, 20 Apr 1999 12:38:58 EDT

I strongly agree with the message below and would like to add that MaryAnn
was up front and thanked people. She could have easily created a fake email
address and identity and then skimmed whatever ideas she would have liked
without anyone knowing.

Writing a book is hard work, she should be applauded for making a
contribution to our profession!


In a message dated 4/20/99 12:25:25 PM, Maahmaah writes:

<<Well, I have to say something here. We know MaryAnn writes books. I have
read a few of them. If someone is so naive as to think that she is asking
for these ideas just for some sort of hobby and will not be using them for
her book, hey! Wake up! Of course she is compiling them for publication. I
don't see anything wrong with that. And I don't think she has been
blind-siding anyone. It's not required that you send her your ideas. And
any one of us, with our experiences and talents, could write books like hers
and "make tons of money". But she is the one going out there and actually
doing it. Good for her! I don't find her posts and requests obtrusive.
Especially since she compiles the info for us all to read after she gets it.
I rather enjoy her ideas and have found one or two I will be using in a class
I'm teaching in a couple weeks. Her books reach a bunch of people who may
have no other connection to art professionals. I for one would like to see
her books filled with interesting ideas that motivate young kids and adults
to experience different art materials in a variety of ways. Don't
experiences like that for children make all our jobs easier? And last, but
not least, most of us are on this list (albeit in a roundabout way) for
money. I get paid for the work I do, don't you? The ideas and conversation
on this list motivate me and help me do better work. (Which, in my case, get
me more freelance teaching jobs.) I think MaryAnn is doing more good than
harm to us all. I am not sure what the gripe is all about.>>