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Re: #1339 & those clay critters...

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river002 ("river002")
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 22:46:05 -0400

Greetings all,
In regards to requests about the idea for creating clay creatures for
our outdoor sculpture garden:
Fifth graders researched the insects, etc., which were indigenous
to our community--rubric requirement! We had books and posters everywhere,
plus a few preserved species to refer to.....then came the clay. Most
everyone began with a coil--some large, some small. From that point,
students used their sketches, the reference tools, and their great
imaginations to create their final products. For instance, we have six
inch caterpillars and six inch dragonflies.
However, the kids were very creative with the dragonflies--unused
ends of laminating paper from the media center were cut into wings,
of about 8 inch diameter, and after being fired, the dragonflies had
their wings hot-glued into slots the kids had cut before the firing.
Some of the boys created 4 inch and 8 inch lizards--they are spectacular
(my personal favorites!! sh-h-h).
To give you an idea, the small coils ranged from 1/2 inch thick to
the large coils being about 1 inch OR LARGER in diameter. Seems like the
lizards were a bit thicker, seeing as how their legs were pulled out
from the main body shape, as was the tail and much more
compliant than ADDING pieces, with such detail desired.
We left the clay au naturel and used clear glaze. This quality
seemed to add to the ambience of the whole garden (bulbs and growing
things surround it). I hope this makes the plan a mite clearer, please
let me know if I seem to have omitted some obvious step or if unclear
about something I allude to--again I'm up typing when I should be sleeping.

adieu, sandra/southcarolina (I do recall someone made mention of
states being added to our messages. so be it).