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Re: Heraldry and castles

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Sat, 17 Apr 1999 17:47:02 EDT

I am doing a sculpture project on castles right now with 3rd grade. I showed
them about 40 slides of castles from all over the world. We looked at the
differences between castles and cathedrals and palaces and they were able to
take ideas from each to create their own "castle.". Rules are they have to be
able to carry it out of the room. I also made it an option for groups of 2-3
to create a castle. I have about 5 -6 groups in each class of 25. It cuts
down on the amout of storage space I need. But so they don't fight over it
they have to decide who is taking it home before they begin.

They have been collecting sturdy boxes for months, as well as paper towel
and t.p. rolls. I supply the base - a sturdy board (ordered from DickBlick)
which is relatively cheap. A blueprint is made first and then boxes are glued
together using glue guns (and lots of moms helping). Once gluing has taken
place windows and doors are drawn with marker which are cut out to open or
cut out completely with a utility knife. Draw bridges are made with yarn or
string attached to 2 sides of a flap that can open and close.

We are at the painting stage right now. I only give them 1 color to paint
with during a class unless they are sponging over another color. If they
finish before the end of class they can draw the figures to put in the castle
on oaktag. I have lots of pictures from the time period that they can copy
from. They can also decorate the insides with wallpaper and carpeting and
pictures on the wall. They are really into this. In the past I haven't been
happy with the results but this year they are turning out great.

If you want more info let me know. I also have a project on flags that
represent the family name. All related to the Middle Ages. I'll be happy to
share if anyone needs it.

Jayne from PA