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Re: figure drawing

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The Cheevers (lazydog)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 22:17:04 -0400

For 7th graders I had an old sled that I set up at an angle. I had a student
choose a number between one and 21. The number they chose was was the
model -from the gradebook order). That model could position the sled to be
sliding down or up , sitting, or lying. They seemed to enjoy it and the
results were satisfactory. I think they would do better with quick sketches
until they found one they liked and could elaborate. They were well focused
with a prop. I think a bike or skateboard or skates would have the same
effect. lisa lazydog

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From: Bunki Kramer <>
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Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 7:43 PM
Subject: Re: figure drawing

>>I find middle school very exciting and demanding. I'm always looking for
>>ideas that will grab their imagination and capture their interest. My
>>figure drawing lesson this week fell flat. Any ideas?
>>ann c.
>Hi, Ann...I have a mid. school art teacher friend here in CA who has an
>interesting way to begin her unit on figure drawing. She copies a few
>good>poses she has found in magazines of sports figures, fashion figures,
>and copies enough of them to put several at each table of students. She
>then gives each kiddie a small sheet of tracing paper and they select one
>of these poses. They follow along with the teacher as she shows them slowly
>how to do a gesture drawing finding the main body parts through the tracing
>paper. They switch "poses" and do a second one on their own. Next she gives
>out reg. paper and they do a third pose without tracing over it.
>Now they move to students posing. She does it with diff. styles each time
>now....curved lines in gesture, gesture with straight lines only, gest.
>with only the neg. space showing, gest. using only triangles, gest. using
>only boxes, using only scrumble, only spirals, etc. After all this, she has
>them pick out their favorite pose and do it in paper mache scuplture with
>the armature being only two coathangers taped together unside-down and cut
>a certain way. I can't begin to tell you how here but I have visual
>directions I can send to you if you send me a stamped,
>self-addressed-envelope with your snail mail address. Send it to me at the
>following address at school. I have all intentions of trying it this year
>"IF" I don't run out of time.
>Also...when I do figure drawing, I draw names out of a hat. It's easier
>than going through the rigamaroll of "do I hafta?" I've also got a box of
>"goodies" plastic toys...they can delve into when they finish
>modeling. I also use this box for when I see a student helping another or
>cleaning up a mess that wasn't theirs or doing good deeds I didn't ask for.
>It's my special "thank you".
>Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
>968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526