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Re: Bird droppings

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Melissa Enderle (melissae)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:08:39 -0500

>Anyway, we have what
>seems like thousands of ducks and Canadian geese living around us. I
>constantly find droppings on my deck, on the sidewalks, and around my car.
>These birds have become rather used to humans and will come fairly close to
>us. I have lived there for three years and I have never known that I could
>possibly be in any danger of becoming ill from these wonderful birds that I
>love to feed and watch!
Ah yes, the perfect topic for a former farm gal in the heart of marsh
land. My parents were dairy farmers and had their farm in the Theresa
Marsh, a marsh almost equal in numbers of geese but not as famous as its
neighbor the Horicon Marsh. Anyway, we had long complained about how the
geese would swarm our crops and almost totally level our corn, hay, etc.
crops. Complaints to the DNR fell on deaf ears. Dad couldnąt even get
compensation for the lost crops.
To think that was bad enough, the Geese did even more damage. My dad took
great pride in keeping a clean milking system, but yet suddenly had high
bacteria levels in the milk tests. Numerous testing was done to find the
source, but nothing that we were doing could be faulted. Finally (after
having to dump numerous loads of milk - at a loss to us) it was
discovered that the cows had been grazing on grass that had been tainted
with... goose poop! The infected droppings made its way into the cow
milk! From then on, I couldnąt look at a goose in the same way.
I find it so interesting that geese, only a few years after been welcomed
with open arms in the city, now are been discussed as nuisances. Yea,
they pampered the geese so that now they donąt want to leave. And yes,
the droppings do make the parks and other areas simply disgusting.
As my dad called them, flying rats!

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