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Re: figure drawing

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 16:48:28 -0700 (PDT)

>I find middle school very exciting and demanding. I'm always looking for
>ideas that will grab their imagination and capture their interest. My
>figure drawing lesson this week fell flat. Any ideas?
>ann c.

Hi, Ann...I have a mid. school art teacher friend here in CA who has an
interesting way to begin her unit on figure drawing. She copies a few
good>poses she has found in magazines of sports figures, fashion figures,
and copies enough of them to put several at each table of students. She
then gives each kiddie a small sheet of tracing paper and they select one
of these poses. They follow along with the teacher as she shows them slowly
how to do a gesture drawing finding the main body parts through the tracing
paper. They switch "poses" and do a second one on their own. Next she gives
out reg. paper and they do a third pose without tracing over it.

Now they move to students posing. She does it with diff. styles each time
now....curved lines in gesture, gesture with straight lines only, gest.
with only the neg. space showing, gest. using only triangles, gest. using
only boxes, using only scrumble, only spirals, etc. After all this, she has
them pick out their favorite pose and do it in paper mache scuplture with
the armature being only two coathangers taped together unside-down and cut
a certain way. I can't begin to tell you how here but I have visual
directions I can send to you if you send me a stamped,
self-addressed-envelope with your snail mail address. Send it to me at the
following address at school. I have all intentions of trying it this year
"IF" I don't run out of time.

Also...when I do figure drawing, I draw names out of a hat. It's easier
than going through the rigamaroll of "do I hafta?" I've also got a box of
"goodies" plastic toys...they can delve into when they finish
modeling. I also use this box for when I see a student helping another or
cleaning up a mess that wasn't theirs or doing good deeds I didn't ask for.
It's my special "thank you".


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