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Re: Bird droppings

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Thu, 16 Apr 2099 17:52:32 -0400

The illness is called "sid-a-khosis" although I don't know how to spell it.
It can be contracted from prolonged contact with concentrated bird feces.
It takes a while to diagnose it and can become very serious if left
untreated. Presents as bronchitis. Best to avoid heavily contaminated
areas where feces is dry because the dust is breathed in. Keep an old broom
and bucket with antiseptic soap to scrub down your deck. Hose down
concentrated areas in the yard. Hope this helps. Linda K. in Iowa
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From: Julie Trzybinski <jtrzybinski>
To: arts ednet <>
Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 10:08 AM
Subject: Bird droppings

>I have been watching the conversations about the dangers of bird droppings
>and I am becoming rather alarmed. I live in a small apartment complex (one
>circle) that surrounds a small lake (pond, actually). Anyway, we have what
>seems like thousands of ducks and Canadian geese living around us. I
>constantly find droppings on my deck, on the sidewalks, and around my car.
>These birds have become rather used to humans and will come fairly close to
>us. I have lived there for three years and I have never known that I could
>possibly be in any danger of becoming ill from these wonderful birds that I
>love to feed and watch!
>Does anyone know if these types of birds also pose a threat of lung
>Concerned in South Bend,