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Thoughts on Opening routine / Seeking Ceramics Help

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Judy Grochowski (jfgro)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 18:31:37 -0500

Hi all,
I'm with Ann Marie on the concept of an overhead to start
class!....this year I began teaching photography (it was moved into our
department from another) and since the darkroom was located in another part
of the building-and since I was to "have" my own room for the first time in
many years (the rest of the Art department is in a very large space,
subdivided by cabinetry into 3 studios-which are shared by as many teachers)
I gave a bit of thought to this issue. I saw it as an opportuntiy to
redesign what I had been doing with class structure....long story
short-there is an overhead transparency up on the screen every morning when
the students come in. They're a little Pavlovian to watch....they'll walk
in, stand at their place and stare at the screen as they read what's up. I
have a prep period b4 they arrive, so it's always on and waiting-but I've
had the bulb burn out once, while I was out of the room and when I returned
for the beginning of class a student said "I think the bulb's burned out,
cause it wasn't on when we came in and I tried turning it on"-which I
thought was pretty cool. Also, if I'm gonna be gone, I prepare the
transparencies and leave a note for the sub to project them. Kinda maintains
the atmosphere. Anyhow, students seem to appreciate this structure and I'm
more satisfied than ever with it-it does cut down on repeating.
And now-PLEASE help!!! I've never had this happen b4 and it's got me
pretty stumped. Today my student who is in her 8 semester of clay came to me
after wedging some recycled clay for about 20 mins or so-it was my prep and
she was in the studio by herself-complaining of something which is a first
for her. Seems the clay caused her hands to begin to itch...then she washed
them off and they turned red. They were still a bit reddish pink when she
found me and just a little irritated yet. I seem to recall a thread awhile
back about tainted clay from blood (?) How else might clay become tainted? I
truly have no idea what's caused this...Any thoughts?
Judy Grochowski
Greenfield High
Greenfield Wisc