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Re: Advanced Placement Art History

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Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:44:34 EDT


I have used a highly INTERACTIVE approach to looking at and talking about art
with all ages from third graders to adults. I show a video or slides or talk
about a few prints to get the ball rolling. Then we turn the tables, show the
slides or video backwards, and all I do is ask questions (Inspired by
Feldman)... starting with:

-What do you see? I want everyone in the class to participate and describe
something they see in the artwork. Also, with the younger students, I make
them use complete sentences to practice their language arts. Encourage people
to find more and more detail.

-How do you feel when you look at this artwork and why? I model this...
talking about the way the colors affect my mood, or the subject reminds me of
an experience in my life... it can be lots of fun!

-What is your opinion (criticism)? Would you put this artwork in your home?
Why or why not?

-Analyze... allow for differing opinions, and repeat them back to the
audience, who is Right????

-How can I learn more? Give tips on where to get more info about the artwork,
culture, artist, etc.

-Production: How can I use this information in my own work?

Third graders get really excited after a while, everyone wants to
participate. I think one thing that helps a lot is REPEATING back what they
say without judging it... people need that recognition?

I do not know if this is non traditional, but it works well... when teachers
come to pick up their classes they are amazed at what the students are
saying, and the development of higher level thinking skills.

Christine Merriam
Kayenta Intermediate School