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Re: ultra conservative student

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Betty Bowen (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 08:59:02 -0500

>>(It also appears that the kid has found a way to wield power).
I think you've identified a real truth here. It seems the same can be said
for her father. As for the child, I can't imagine what her life at home must
be like - with parents who live in such fear of "them" and "out there" -
they seem to be very insecure in their own faith to live in such fear of
outside influence.
I would imagine that daddy's views on raising girls and the role of women is
equally scary. Wielding power in class may be the only time the child ever
gets to speak up, or speak at all.

How can she understand the stories of the Exodus and Joseph without knowing
something about Egypt?

Or, if you really want to upset things, explain that angels with WINGS
didn't enter Christian art until like 90 AD, and was brought in by the large
numbers of Roman pagans who came into the church at that time - the whole
"personal guardian angel" thing is pagan Roman, not Judeo-Christian at all.
The Romans believed that each person had a winged spirit that guided them
from birth to death, and extinguished the torch of their life at death. The
angels in the Bible never mention wings (there is that one in a vision with
multiple wings, but I don't remember what that was about), but there are
beautiful ones in pre-Christian Roman decorative art.

But poor child, daddy might then purge their house of her favorite pretty
little angel collection, and that would truly be sad. In that house, she may
need all the spiritual comfort she can get.