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Re: Music to illustrate

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Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:45:14 -0500

These music to illustrate drawings letters just gave me am idea. Did anyone ever
try the music and art as a small group project? If you knew the instruments in a
classical (or any piece) . Could you assign each student in a group of say - 4
,to make the lines from that instrument?
For example , someone draws the lines for a trumpets, another person for the
violins, another for the drums, or flutes and so on.
Just brainstorming,

DESIGN18 wrote:

> I've done line drawings to music at a teacher's conference. I loved it so
> much that I've done it with a multiply handicapped class. I haven't tried it
> yet with other students. I love it. Use a large sheet of paper 12 x 18 and
> a sharpie like marker. First demo how someone could draw to the music.
> (While the music is on, make circles, curves, zig zag lines in the air) Then
> close your eyes and enjoy making marks to interpret the music. You end up
> with scribbles, but it feels great. In fact in the summer when we listen to
> classical concerts in the park, I bring a small pad and a soft lead pencil
> and make great abstractions (with eyes closed) Enjoy. Fran in NJ