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Re: evidence/coins

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:05:16 -0400

marcia m eaton wrote:
> Carla's message about coins is interesting to me as someone living in
> Europe this year and following the introduction of the Euro. Each country
> will use the same currency but the coins being minted will have one side in
> common and one side that is specific to the member countries---a ruler
> usually, at least in those countries that have one. I think this is a nice
> way of letting each nation have its own identity while also sharing in a
> community. I like the idea of quarters that represent each state----but
> will the people in those states get to decide what image is used? It might
> be interesting to ask your students what they would put on such a coin to
> commemorate their state, county, city, etc.
> Best, marcia

This may be off the subject a bit. I am teaching an architecture
unit to preschoolers. Yes they love architecture. One example I
showed them in doing a project about the parthenon was to use a long
strip of adding machine tape and rub the back of nickels and pennies
on it. The buildings- Monticello and The Lincoln Memorial were
rubbed the length of the building we made. I am in favor of
different patterns/ cultures and architecture on the back of coins
which will help our lessons along!!! Ha!