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Re: curriculum 3-5

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river002 ("river002")
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 20:48:54 -0400

[Fran in NJ was writing about the lack of a written curriculum in her
school district....and asking about the use of equipment in our art rooms].

Fran, why re-invent the wheel? The National Art Education Standards
Framework is available at a small cost...could you use it to readjust and
realign your own district needs? The time you spend writing a district
curriculum is good, but would it include all the art/music/chorus/band
teachers in your district, so that there was consistency, integration,
reality, and collaboration? Writing a grant is a grand idea, OR why not use
it to write a grant for some of your classes to take a field trip, cover
a sub for your other classes (on that day), and have a potentially
astounding finale, in terms of an art project, as the basis for the entire
field trip etc...just an idea, not a diversion from writing the curriculum.
As far as what equipment I personally use in my classroom--diversity
is the key. Slides sometimes (ex: architecture study), art reproductions
alot (I laminate ALL so the kids can pass them around and lay on the floor
to study or write or draw with them in view), videos when more
effective (ex: Faith Ringgold-patterns & quilts), overhead projector
(ex: tessalations or instructions on using safety compass), music plays
constantly in our artroom (yes, period music during period study...), and
any other thing I've forgotten I probably use it at some point! (ha)
Good luck on your grant Fran, I didn't mean to discourage you.
Adieu, SandraHardee.