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Self contained and mainstreamed SpEd

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Sun, 11 Apr 1999 11:00:04 EDT


I liked your comments about mainstreaming.

I have a self contained class of 10, with an aide. I see them 3 x a week.
There are several who have fits when they get frustrated (perfectionists),
the others are "me" centered. The aide helps by heading off the fit, or
talking the kid through it. We are working on not wadding it up and starting
over, not being demanding and wanting me every minute. I repeat that Mrs. P
and I are making the rounds, what do "rounds" mean?

Their teacher promotes that her kids can do everything the rest of the school
does, so I pick up on that. I tell them it will be difficult, it will break,
they won't get it finished in 1 day, it will take 4 days, how the other class
did, and that they are catching on faster, that someone cried in the other
class when their clay broke. I prepare them for the break. We are doing wet
set clay. Their clay sculptures turn out just like, or better, than the other
classes, due to their smaller class size. They beam when I tell them they
caught on faster. I hang their work with the other classes.

I like the self contained. Their teacher works with me, she removes a child
who isn't cooperating, they go with her for her free period. They hate that,
they don't want to miss art. In fact, the child will correct himself, when I
look at him/her. The child knows there will be a time out now or a removal
from class, next time. The child says, oh, I know, I forgot, I won't do it
again. He gets the short time out and times himself and "reminds" me when his
time is up. I don't read the IEP's, their teacher gives me the highlights,
verbally. I could read them, but I don't, mainly I can see what I need to
know, by the way the child acts.

I have some who are fed into regular class, that works out, too. I put them
near me, k give them a step to do, bugging them to get something done, so I
have something to work with in their critique, I tell them I'm not going to
do it for you, you can do it.

If I see anything erupting, I head it off. I am always in a ready mode to be
on the spot of the conflict. I don't call out across the room. I make sure
they are not singled out, by telling them I am going to talk to the other
one, alone, also.

I do not have the behavior disorder class. This class is sp ed and some BD.