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inclusion,mainstreaming, COACH

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 20:30:10 -0500

Once again this list is discussing such valuable things for me and as
always I am so happy to belong to this list. But what I am referring to now
is all the discussion on mainstreaming, inclusion etc. that you people have
been talking about, so interesting. I want to add my two cents like you say
and ask a question. First; I have had "exceptional" children, I prefer that
to special ed or handicapped or whatever, in my classes for years, most
without an aide actually only one has a helper with him and he is a
cerebral palsy kid and has very little or no control over his movements
but is very bright. My classes are small, 16 children the largest. Mostly
they are 12. I try very much to build my curriculum and projects so that
all the students benefit the most including the exceptional ones. For
example I have just finished a long project on abstract expressionist,
Pollock and whale songs(are you out there Sandra?). It began with an
intense study of line and Kalli(the cerebral palsy kid) makes fantastic
lines all by himself. We went on to examening Pollock , DeKooning and
others and then did collaborative works on huge pieces of paper, I put the
paper on the floor all the students had long sticks with charcoal taped on
one end and coloured chalk on the other and after listening to the whale
songs and imagening lines, form and colour while doing that they filled the
paper with lines, form and colour all the while moving around the paper, it
was perfect for Kalli in his wheelchair. After that they did small
individual works and then the next week they listened to Holts´s planets
and then painted on canvas on the floor with paintbrushes taped on the end
to the sticks. And most important Kalli was completely on the same level as
the others, he was completely a part of this and his works were fantastic
just like the others. All the children learned a lot from this and for the
three years Kalli has been with them in this class they have learned as
much from him as he from them. I believe inclusion is very important for
the future in education and for humanity.
And now my question: Is anyone familiar with COACH? Choosing options and
accomadations for children. It is a guide for planning inclusive education
that emphasizes collaborative teamwork with the family as the cornerstone
of education(Giangreco, Cloninger and Iverson 1994). I would love to hear
if anyone has worked with it or if it is being used in anybody´s school.
I am doing a paper on exceptional children and individual curriculum and
would love to hear some comments on this.
Sorry this is so long.
Best regards from the far north, Rosa

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