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Re: Art & Music

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Linda Kelty (lckelty)
Wed, 8 Apr 2099 17:33:58 -0400

Stephanie, I have used music to teach my 6th graders the difference between
passive and dynamic movement using disco music. They relate this to figure
drawing and sculpture when we do "living sculpture" as a cooperative
learning lesson. The results are always excellent and the products are
definately enhanced. Have you done anything relating the period of music or
the mood with art prints? Linda K.

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From: Stephanie Ignazio <smi>
To: artsed <>
Date: Thursday, April 08, 1999 5:53 PM
Subject: Re: Art & Music

>Forgive me for not remembering how the art/music posting got started..but I
>wanted to share some things I have been doing to incorporate the two. In my
>graduate program we work the "other arts" into our art curriculum. This
>seemed daunting at first..but it really makes alot of sense and is really
>fun...even for us croaking frog voices out here! One of the first things I
>did was begin my African unit with my third graders with an african
>welcoming song..gave a "wonderful" voice demonstration and we sang all
>together..we also gave everyone a chance to sing and offer their voices,
>hearts, thoughts and dreams..its a historical and current reference to the
>african culture. Then we all settled back and created our artwork, while
>music from Ghana played in the background. The kids were more inspired, on
>task, remembered more and generally had a full good time. (I'm convinced it
>must have been my wow-ing singing voice..hahaha) Today I introduced a
>on body positioning with my fourth grade. Trying to get their people to
>movable and "real" was the underlying objective..but I snuck it in through
>the music of "Grease". We talked about the culture through out the years
>enjoting the music..its sentimentality and of course its fantastic moving
>and groovin' melodies. Then we formed a group and "greased lighten'ed"
>around the room. THEY LOVED IT!! I had a group with me in front and we were
>dancing.....the focus was how many different ways we could get ourt bodies
>to pay attention to the ways our bodies moved to the melodies.
>After the song..I introduced the project and they were extrememly
>receptive...a project that could've been a snoozer was a HIT. I overheard
>the kids in after school saying they had the "best class EVER" I couldn't
>help but smile. So, my overlying message is..don't be afriad to have fun.
>let your hair down and twist! Music and Art are very "close relatives" as I
>explain to the kids..ENJOY. For me, what started out as an experiment on
>to coordiante my own learning in grad school to my teaching has led to an
>inspirational feeling that is very exciting....and god, knows we can all
>the stress relief that music and dancing can give us. Oh, 6th
>grade we're doing the "disco era"...I'm having flashbacks. hahaha They have
>given me the nickname...the "dancing queen". I'm not sure if this all
>relates to the posting...but I thought I'd share! Stephanie