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Re:createx & dampening paper

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Betty Bowen (
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 15:03:15 -0500

A few weeks ago several people sent me instructions for using Createx
monoprint inks. No one mentioned painting on paper instead of directly onto
the plexi plates, or gum arabic. So I'm curious about those two steps. Are
they necessary?

My favorite way to dampen a stack of paper is: On every 3rd or so sheet in
the stack, lay down water with the flat side of a broad hake brush, then
again immediately with the chisel edge to squeegee up excess. Do this across
the sheet until the entire sheet is wet. Slide the stack into a garbage bag
and close. Let sit for half an hour or so, and the entire stack will be
evenly damp. If you have to go off and leave it overnight, put the closed
bag in the refrigerator.

PS -
>>Still, the going price for feathers would hardly tempt anyone into a life
of crime.
The price for eagle feathers is very very high on the black market. It's in
the "pot shard" category of what unscrupulous "collectors" are willing to
pay big bucks for.

About Speedball presses and etchings - etchings really need rolling

And, I just paid 99 cents a gallon for gas today here in Oklahoma!