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Bird poo and mites

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S. Henneborn (heneborn)
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 23:50:30 -0600

Lovely discussion we r having. One step worse than the lice and smocks thread
last summer. Similar experience when I was a child. we moved to a new old
house and I decided to clean squirrel nests and bird nests out of an out
building to make a play house. My skin still crawls just remembering!!!
Excuse me while I scratch my head....

About the woman who got the virus/fungus from the bird droppings ... She did
survive which is unusual. Starling and bat poo are the worst carriers and can
be deadly. I have read about numerous bulldozer operators whose causes of
death were mysterious . Finally a clever MD linked 3 of these cases to dozing
starling roosts. He took tests at the sites and published a paper. So now the
source of the virus/fungus (can't remember which it is) is known but not a
cure. Bird feeder advise a few summers back was to use feeders with pegs
rather than flat beds where the birds walk around and poo in the food. The
virus was spreading rampantly among the songbirds a few summers back. When
starlings try to roost in my trees I run out like a wild woman and bang pie
tins together. For some reason they don't like that sound. I haven't read
anything about Canadian Goose droppings. They congregate on our playground
and chat and leave piles of green poo on the playing fields.

I would rather associate feathers and bird with beauty but we need to know
these things.

About the laws governing possession of feathers and antlers. There needs to
be a change in the law! Some lawmakers must have painted with a very wide
brush and covered things that did not need to be protected. I know that
feathers in fashion caused the death of many birds so I am willing to see the
pendulum swing too far for the sake of protecting them. How do you
distinguish the people who collect dropped feathers from the ones who kill
for feathers. Still, the going price for feathers would hardly tempt anyone
into a life of crime.

There is a group in Colorado that is trying to get stronger legislation for
dealing with people who are found guilty of severe abuse to animals. A
legislator from Colorado is opposing their legislation for fear he will become
a felon when he brands his cattle. Another broad brush.

SANdra, You made a good point that the penalty is more severe for picking up
feathers than for beating an animal or a child. I cared for a foster child
for a few years who had suffered severe physical, emotional, and cognitive
damage from repeatedly being hung out a 3rd story window by a dog harness
around her neck and ears. Division of Youth and Family Services were finally
able to remove her and her siblings from the home but the parents were never
even charged! The brother was found catatonic locked in a closet. He has been
that way ever since.

I should stay up a few hours. If I go to bed after writing this post I will
have nightmares. Oh well! Can't be worse than watching the news!

I will leave with a light note. I love Prang water colors too. They are
better and cheaper than the competition Crayola watercolors are Poo (No birds