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Re: collecting feathers/ceremonial

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 22:43:14 -0400

> Sandra,
> Although I doubt USFW would go after a 5 year old and his mother (the
> original poster), the reasoning behind the prohibition behind
> collecting feathers is that there is no way of knowing if they were
> indeed shed naturally, or poached. Songbird populations are rapidly
> dwindling due to loss of habitat here and in Latin America, where they
> migrate, and that's why even seemingly common birds have laws protecting
> them.
> Maggie

Okay well I have some feather pictures- handed down to me from my
great grandmother who "Migrated" ha ha from Mexico! They are very
old and colorful. Simply the art was to lay out the feathers and
then paint the bird inside them on black paper ( white paint). they
are pressed behind glass and have a hand carved wooden frame.
Actually I have several cultural things from relatives which I guess
since they are from Mex. can't be regarded as the same> I mean we
know they aren't endangered there- Right!
All I keep thinking of is ceremonial and yes in USA if you are
Native American you can use them in a ceremony, but I have pop up
books and children's books on the aztec and Inca's-etc. I couldn't
very well reproduce these garments here though could I- Now another
How do hat makers get away with it? I guess Ostrich feathers????
Wedding dresses?
When you want to be authentic- you really don't want to use
How about craft stores?? Are they all chicken? Ostrich???
well the only justification is that my ancestors are rolling around
in the clouds with every word I read on this subject!!!!
Sandra ( no feathers have been harmed in any pictures which might
have them depicted in- they were carved pointed and placed back in
said Bird!