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RE: collecting feathers

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marianna delafield (mdelafield)
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 10:18:12 -0500

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Once as a very young child I picked up a fallen bird nest and was immediately covered with bird lice, crawling up my arm and all over my little body. My horrified mother dunked me into a tub of water and pushed my head under and got rid of the critters, but I never forgot it and am very careful what I pick up now that pertains to birds. Are the mites too small to be seen without a magnifying glass? How did you discover what they were?

[marianna delafield] Well, Ann, I don't really recall, except that they were all over the house, had made cocoons in the mats of prints, flying, it was just awful, and I guess that I tracked them down to were they seem to be leaving a trail. Its been years since it happened, and I think we "bombed the whole house" with insect bombs, and since then I've been very careful. And had no trouble. Wild turkey feathers, pheasant skins, ostrich feathers, peacock feathers, all these birds are a potential hazard, but can be treated with the 20 mule team and salt concoction. I put the stuff into a plastic bag, shake it and then put the feathers into it and shake again. I don't have proportions, maybe a half cup of each.